How to Book a Uber Cab without Downloading Uber App

Uber Cab is a ride-sharing app or taxi service using which you can book a ride and travel together along with other. It is used for fast, reliable rides where you can reach to your destination within minutes whether it is day or night. It makes your busy lives easier as you don’t need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. All you need to do is tap on the request for a ride and you can pay easily through credit card or cash in selected cities. This is available in more than 500 cities, whether you need to go somewhere or in hurry to reach the Airport, this app will help you to reach your destination within minutes.

But what if you don’t have the app and you need to book a ride for you? Don’t worry, in this article you are going learn about how to book Uber cab without downloading Uber cab. So, hang till the last line of this useful guide.

Uber Cab

Book a Uber Cab without Uber App Download?

Well, sometimes booking a cab is a difficult thing to do. And sometimes if you don’t have the app on your Smartphone or suppose you are in an urgent situation and you need to book a cab as soon as possible, it is very time consuming to visit the app store and then download uber app and install it on your phone, then proceed with the process of registering yourself or log in. This is why many people might face difficulties during the time of emergencies.

Well, don’t worry because Uber app has launched with two new features for those people in time emergencies. The features are ‘Dial an Uber’ and ‘Request a Ride for others’, for those Indian users who does not have the app. You can book cabs without installing its application in certain Indian cities like Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jodhpur.

Uber cab has also introduced other features like you can book your cab through Uber mobile website, all you need to do is simply log in or registers your phone number for authentication.

Request a Ride for Others” is the second features which let the Uber customer to book a cab for other people. Suppose if someone else have booked the cab for some other people, then this Uber App Download will allow the other customer to share the rider’s phone number and the location of the driver.

After this process, the rider will get the driver’s phone number through the text message on your phone, and then you can easily reach to your destination easily with the help of Uber cab.

Uber Cab



But the Uber company has not given any information whether this cab will be available to rest of the Indian cities or not. But once it turns out to be successful then it is possible to reach to the rest of the cities soon.

These two newly added features are pretty helpful for those people who are having low inbuilt storage facilities and data connectivity which might be difficult to download and install the app on your device. So, this is the best solution which the Uber Cab Company has introduced for those people who don’t have the Uber Cab app on their phone.

But only one thing you will need is a good internet connection for using these two new features for booking an Uber Cab without using the app.For payment as I have said earlier, you can pay either through your Credit Card, Cash in the selected cities. Try using these features and it is helpful for those who don’t have the app on their phone.

How does Uber Cab Works?

First of all you need to learn about how does Uber cab actually works. So, now you will learn how uber cab works and what are the great features which makes it so popular. Let us check it out below:

  • The first thing you need to do is open the app and tell where you wish to go.
  • With the help of this app, it reaches to your location all you need is to on your location mode on your device. This way the driver will know where to pick you up.
  • It also offers you the map where you can see your driver’s picture, vehicle details, and also you can track their arrival with the help of the map.
  • You can make your payment by credit card, cash through your Android pay, PayPal and other major payment options.
  • You can rate your driver and give feedback after the ride, this way they can improve this service more.

So, this is how Uber Cab works. Now, let us know more about this app.

Uber Free Ride Coupons And promo code Discounts In 2017

Uber is one of the most popular transportation network company in the world. It operates an app for Smartphone named as a Uber app which is being used by the Smartphone users to book trips. This company was started in 2009 and is operating in 66 countries as one of the largest multinational companies. When someone requests for a trip, the software sends the information to an uber driver nearest to the customer.uber coupons

This Uber also generates some coupon codes for the consumers, so that it can offer some discounts. They also have other services in various countries apart from providing transportation. So here in this article, I will mention the coupon discount codes 2017. This will help you to grab the offers so that you can travel and enjoy with your mates.

Uber Coupons And promo code Discounts

As you know, that Uber is a popular online transportation network company, which provides quality service to their customers all over the globe. If any user requests for a ride through its app, then the software sends information to the nearby driver. So this company also generates some Uber Coupons and Discount codes which have amazing and exciting offers. The customers of Uber find it very exciting while using these codes for getting Discounts and offers. Some of the codes are used for getting some discount or offer from some other company services which are also quite amazing. So below is the detailed information about these codes. uber coupons

Uber Promo Codes And Discount Coupons For 2017

Here I am going to provide you with the list of uber promo codes and Discount codes for the month of february 2017. You will also get the detailed information about the code and its expiry date. So go through this if you are searching relevant codes for you this february.

Uber Coupons Offer
DOUBLEUP` You will get Rs. 50 off on 4 Rides in Delhi NCR
UBER300 It will give you 30% cashback with ten nec=xt rides you have booked with tap zoo.
NARIYALPAANI17 On first two rides you will get Rs.75 off until 28 Feb 2017.
No CODE It will give you flat Rs 50 Discount in Pune with UberGo rides. It will be Under 5Km and the time is 11 am to 5 pm until 13th  february 2017
MOTODECNEW Before 28 Feb 2017you can take two rides with Rs75 off,
SDCB50 The next three rides will give you Rs 50 Discount.
MUM200 On not under pool rides you will get Rs 50 discount
KNOW MORE Cashback 10% on Uber vouchers.
ICICI200 You will get 100 off on first two rides with ICICI debit/credit cards.
UB25FREE In next 4 Uber rides you will get 25% off.
GODREJAER On tow pool rides Rs. 50 off.
5TIMES10 For new Delhi NCR users Rs 100 Discount
60FOR3 For next three rides in Delhi NCR Rs 60 off
RIDESOON You will get two riders in Bangalore with Rs 50 Discount.
INDOREAIRPORT On uber Airport rides 50% discount in Indore.
MASTER150 First three rides will have Rs 50 Discount if you pay with Mastercard
NO COUPON You will get Rs 100 off if you book via Snapdeal app.
ICICI50 On next six rides Rs 60 off.
CRUISEAT50 50% off on Rides until 18 November
HELLOWEEKEND 50% off on rides till 13th November and you will get 75 discount for 3 times.
QUIRKCARD You can will Quirk Card if you can take uberX rides before 21 November
NO CODE You can get 25% off by using Paytm wallet till 27th November
PUNJABBISWAG You can get free 50 rides if you can take 2 rides before 13 Nov in Ludhiana.
VIZGGIVES For every ride Uber will donate a notebook to the needy kids.


The above mentioned are the Uber Coupons and Uber Discount Promo Codes from Uber so that you can take these different offers from different services they provide. Uber always wants to provide you with the various offers so that you can enjoy every ride with Uber.


The above list will also give you the information that which offer will end when and also will give you the details for grabbing the offer. So If you have to share some thoughts regarding this article then comment below. © 2017 Frontier Theme